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If this course is already scheduled by another organization and there are openings for additional participants, dates and times for this course are provided below.  Please click “Enroll” next to the course to complete an enrollment form.

Date Start End
2008-05-01 10:30 AM 5:00 PM Click Here to Enroll →
2008-09-13 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Click Here to Enroll →

Schedule a Course

If the course you’d like to take isn’t currently scheduled, please complete the following form to request a date and time for your organization.  Please note whether your organization can accept participants from outside your organization, or if you would prefer to limit the class to your organization only, by selecting "Open Enrollment" or "Closed Enrollment" from the selection below.

Facility:  Sm. Classroom - CPI
Med. Classroom - CPI
Confined Space Props
Burn Building
Drill Tower
Rescue (BVR) Pad(s)
Forcible Entry Prop
Propane Simulator
Vehicle Fire
Fire Extinguishers
Lg. Classroom - CPI
Drafting Pit
Outdoor classroom
Roof Simulator
Hydrant system
Driving Course
EVOC Course
Off Site
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Custom Course

If none of the courses under the courses list fit your needs you can create a custom course. To create a custom course go to the Schedule Request page. Choose 'Custom Course' and enter your courses information.