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About Us

The Centre County Public Safety Training Center (CCPSTC) is a regional emergency services training site for responders and emergency personnel in a twelve (12) county area. Currently, the closest site to conduct any training is the State Fire Academy in Lewistown, and that is only geared for fire personnel. The new CCPSTC will improve availability of training; reduce costs for all of the emergency services organizations; help prosper and promote local economic growth with all the visiting personnel receiving training; increase the synergy with local business and industry through partnerships (training for private in-house response teams). The CCPSTC will also foster better communications, teamwork, and unification with the various municipalities and private organizations (such as public works, public health, Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc.) who will benefit by training together. In addition, the CCPSTC will include training and educational programs such as Commercial Driver Licensing (CDL) and Emergency Vehicle Operations Courses (EVOC).

The current 18-acre site in Pleasant Gap, Spring Township was finally selected after considering two previous site locations. The final site offers a larger area in central location within the county that is easily accessible by major transportation routes; is adjacent to an educational campus facility (CPI); and has the full support of the local municipality.

The Centre County Commissioners have entered into a lease agreement with The Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology (CPI) to manage and operate the Centre County Public Safety Training Center (CCPSTC). CPI is a publicly-funded career and technology center through the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Bureau of Career & Technical Education. CPI is conveniently located in Centre County adjacent to the CCPSTC and exit 80 (Harrison Road) of the new I-99 extension. CPI’s main campus facility is in excess of 140,000 square feet and is situated on 31 acres. With 20 secondary programs, 60 adult and continuing education offerings, and more than 350 online courses, CPI annually provides over fifteen hundred secondary and adult students with career and technical training.

The Centre County Public Safety Training Center (CCPSTC) or “Center” is located at 391 North Harrison Road in Pleasant Gap, PA. 16823. The County of Centre and the Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology (CPI) have a partnership to operate the facility.

Policy concerning the operation of the Center is created by an advisory committee of nine representatives from the following groups and organizations; County of Centre, Centre County Fireman’s Association, Centre County Police Chiefs Association, Centre County Emergency Medical Services Council, Centre County Fire Chiefs Association, CPI, Centre County municipal governments, and local industry. This committee is responsible for all policy recommendations regarding the operation of CCPSTC. Final approval of all policy recommendations will be made by CPI’s Joint Operating Committee (JOC).

Management of day-to-day operations at the Center will be handled by the Center’s Coordinator and CPI Adult Education staff. The Center’s Coordinator is employed by CPI’s Adult Education Department. It is the responsibility of the Center staff to ensure that all facility users, guests and visitors comply with the written operating guidelines; as well as acting in accordance with commonly accepted industry and emergency services training practices.