Why do we ask for a social security number?

CPI receives both state and federal education funds to support its program offerings. As a publicly-supported school, CPI is required to report aggregate student and course data to both the Pennsylvania and United States Department Education. Use of student and course aggregate data is strictly limited to government reporting and student privacy is protected by several federal laws and statutes.
Pennsylvania initially requires student social security numbers in order to establish a PA Secure ID for the student. PA Secure IDs allow for transferability of educational credit, credential, or attainment levels among and between participating Pennsylvania schools. In addition to the PA Secure ID, this institution may require a student social security number for transcripting of course completions/academic achievement.
CPI is committed to protecting student information and privacy. We have several layers of security in place to protect student data and we do not share any student data beyond what is required of us by law. If a student wishes to take a continuing education course at CPI but refuses to provide their social security number, nine X’s can be entered into the Soc. Sec. field to allow entry through our web registration system. However, CPI cannot assure or guarantee proper documenting and recording of student records without a student social security number.

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