Structural Welding

Category : Construction/Trades
Type : Full-Time
Cost : $9,180.00
Fees : $125.00
Tax : No
Code : 48.0508
Start Date : 8/28/2018
Schedule : Mondays-Fridays, 8:30AM - 3:00PM
Text Needed : 165
Hours : 900
Seats Remaining : 11

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This welding course will follow American Welding Society (AWS) guidelines and it will incorporate an AWS certification examination into the curriculum. The course will cover symbols, theory, stick, mig, tig- aluminum, tig- steel, flux core, oxy fuel welding & cutting, plasma arc cutting, and carbon arc cutting. Students will learn safety practices and will carry out equipment set-up, gauging, and matching tip sizes to metal thickness. Joint configurations, square butts, electrode classifications, multipass welds and other facets of structural welding will be covered in this course.

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