PHY­155 General Physics

Category : Associate of Specialized Technology (AST) Degree Programs
Type : Continuing Education
Cost : $1,000.00
Fees : $0.00
Tax : No
Code : N/A
Start Date : Fall 2017
Schedule : contact Adult Education
Text Needed : College Physics: A Strategic Approach. (3rd Ed.) & Student Workbook for College Physics: A Strategic
Hours : 4 credits
Seats Remaining : 75

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This course is designed to provide the student with an algebra­based introduction to the general concepts and principles of physics. Course topics will include forces and motion including motion in one and two dimensions, circular motion, rotational motion, equilibrium and elasticity. The course will also include principles of impulse and momentum, energy and work, thermal properties of matter, fluids, electric fields and forces, electric potential, current and resistance.

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