Water & Wastewater Utility Operator/Technician

Category : Emerging Energy & Infrastructure (EE&I)
Type : Full-Time
Cost : $13,480.00
Fees : $125.00
Tax : No
Code : 15.0506
Start Date : 1/7/2019
Schedule : lab open from 9AM to 7PM Tues-Thurs & flexible schedule Mondays & Fridays
Text Needed : 249
Hours : 1032
Seats Remaining : 15

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This program combines competencies and DEP-Approved components from Water and Wastewater. Water specific training includes Water Treatment, Water Sources and Supplies, Coagulation, Flocculation, Sedimentation, Filtration Technologies and more. Wastewater specific comonents taught in this course include Wastewater Treatment, Activated Sludge I & II, Wastewater Collection Systems, Industrial Pretreatment Programs, Corss Connection Control, and Treatment Ponds and Lagoons. This program will prepare students for the PADEP Operator Certification Tests for all Water and Wastewater treatment sub-classes and prepares students to take the ISA exam(s) for Certified Control System Technician. Students can also earn DEP contact hours in this course.

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