Introduction to Pipe Welding

Category : Construction/Trades
Type : Continuing Education
Cost : $540.00
Fees : $0.00
Tax : No
Code : 48.0508
Start Date : Contact the Adult Education Office
Schedule : Contact the Adult Education Office
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Hours : 30
Seats Remaining : 15

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Designed to instruct welders in arc welding safety and the Shielded Metal Arc Welding process (SMAW- Stick) of pipe welding, either to meet ASME (vertical up) or API (vertical down) welding code. The course lasts 30 hours. This course supports the 60 hour pipe welding course provided in June. Students will be welding in the following pipe fillet weld positions: 1F, 2F, 5F, and 4F. This course will also teach the student proper fit-up, joint preparation, tacking, electrode selection, and techniques relevant to pipe welding.

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