Advanced Manufacturing Technician II

Category : Emerging Energy & Infrastructure (EE&I)
Type : Full-Time
Cost : $11,490.00
Fees : $125.00
Tax : No
Code : 15.0403
Start Date : 1/7/2019
Schedule : lab open from 9AM to 7PM Tues-Thurs & flexible schedule Mondays & Fridays
Text Needed : 200
Hours : 635
Seats Remaining : 50

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The AMT II Program (AM/IST I Certified) prepares students for employment in the high-demand, high-paying field of modern manufacturing. This program prepares you for employment with companies that have implemented team-oriented design, production, quality, and maintenance systems within the manufacturing environment. American manufacturers are becoming increasingly dependent upon the use of high-tech equipment that involves multiple, integrated systems. It is critical that these companies be able to recruit and employ individuals who know how to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain this high-tech equipment. Components of the program include: Electrical Circuits 1 Electrical Circuits 2 Electric Motor Control 1 Electric Motor Control 2 Electronic Sensors Basic Residential & Commercial Wiring Industrial Electrical Wiring Electrical Power Distribution Electro-Fluid Power 1 Programmable Logic Controllers 1 Programmable Logic Controllers 2 Programmable Logic Controllers 3 Hydraulics 1 Pneumatics 1 Hydraulics 2 Pneumatic Maintenance Hydraulic Troubleshooting Piping Systems Basic Mechanical Drives Light Duty V-Belt & Chain Drives Heavy Duty V-Belt & Chain Drives Electric Motors & Generators AC Electronic Drives Process Control 1 Process Control 2 Mechanical Drives 2 & 3 Pneumatics 2 Vibration Analysis Central Lubrication Centrifugal Pumps Gear & Magnetic Pumps

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