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Date: June 20, 2018
Contact: Brit Milazzo

These Students Withdrew from a Four-Year College to Attend CPI

When Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology Welding program graduates Conor Becker and classmate Phoenix Farias realized a four-year college wasn’t quite for them, they enrolled at CPI. They said the institute provided them with quality training more quickly and efficiently that helped prepare them for the workforce, while also saving money.

“I came here because you still get your core in-class learning like math and stuff, but it’s only what you need to know for the (industry),” Farias, of Tyrone, said. “I didn’t like spending the money on extra classes that weren’t necessarily going to help me further myself in my profession.”

Farias said he briefly attended Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport. Becker said he also attended Penn College for one school year before withdrawing to enroll at CPI.

“I was just trying to put forth all my effort into my major,” Becker, of State College, said. “Now, it’s great. We still have to learn (theory), but it focuses on what you need to know and gives you a lot of hands-on training. You still learn as much in the field as you would in a four-year college and get the same kind of jobs when you finish.”

Becker’s goal was to immediately get a job upon graduation, but added that the training learned at CPI could provide him with a good foundation if he ever wants to continue education, along with learning a skill that he said “is beneficial to society.”

“I think these are the kinds of trades more (people) need to learn,” Becker said.

According to Todd Taylor, CPI’s vice president of post-secondary education, there is a skilled workforce shortage in the area. He added that for every one of CPI’s graduates, there are 10 job openings.

Diploma programs at CPI provide students with theory and interactive learning that often puts them in realistic industry situations. The institute also offers four Associate in Specialized Technology degree programs.

“That’s exactly what I was looking for – a lot of practice. We get to learn a lot of things that apply to the real world and actual projects you see in the field,” Farias said. “You’re more prepared and have more sense of what to expect when you get in the workforce and (you’re) more up to pace. The veterans won’t have to slow down for you.”

Becker said he’s also already suggested CPI as an institute that might be the perfect fit for others he knows.

“It’s a great place, it’s a great program, and it really comes down to the instructors,” he said. “In the end if you have a good instructor, that makes the biggest difference and I sit here feeling ready for what’s next.”

CPI, 540 North Harrison Road, Pleasant Gap, PA 16823 - Telephone: 814-359-2793 1-877-968-7388    (Disclosures)