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Date: June 13, 2018
Contact: Brit Milazzo

Q&A with Welding Program Graduate Brandon Brungard

For Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology Welding program graduate Brandon Brungard, of Loganton, his goal is to get a job locally on the oil and gas pipeline soon after graduation. After taking and completing the 900-hour program, he said he feels prepared for the next step – thanks to instructor Ed Finnefrock and the training that’s specific to the industry.

Question: What’s the program like?

Answer: I think a lot of it is that we just do all welding work. The bookwork is specific to welding and what we need to know. It doesn’t feel like a waste of time, and because of that, I actually want to be here because what we learn is so specific to the trade.

Q: Why enroll at CPI instead of another institute?

A: I thought it would be a good fit, and I was right. I didn’t want to go to another school and take a lot of core classes that didn’t fit into what I wanted to do. Plus, it’s only 900 hours compared to four years. I would have been spending a lot more money, but now I got the training I need and can get into the workforce. It gives me a good foundation if I want to go to the next step, but for now I’m looking to get a job right away.

Q: How is workforce training beneficial?

A: I think it’s helpful because that’s all we do. It’s specific to the kind of job we want and all our learning is focused on this.

Q: Do you feel prepared?

A: I think there is still a lot to learn, but I still feel prepared pretty good. I know a lot of (people) who went to places like Penn Tech (Pennsylvania College of Technology), where they don’t get the specific training like you do here.

Q: What’s the atmosphere like?

A: It’s really good. Mr. Finnefrock is great and helps you prepare. You get help from your peers, too, and everyone gets along from the adults in the program to the high schoolers. It’s like everyone is in the same boat just trying to get training for a job or whatever they want to do.

Q: What’s the next step for you?

A: I’ll be taking a 62-hour pipe (welding) course and hope to get on the pipeline. I got the tools I need to work on the rigs. (Mr.) Finnefrock introduced us to industry leaders who have come in and showed us different kinds of jobs and what to do to find them. There are big (oil and gas) plants that may be based out-of-state, but have jobs here locally. I’d like to get a job locally – maybe in Williamsport – but have the opportunity to travel out-of-state for work.

Q: Do you have any tips for potential CPI students?

A: I just think CPI is kind of the best bang for your buck. It’s easily half the cost as somewhere else and you get a good school with good training, and I’m really glad I came.

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