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Date: December 15, 2017
Contact: Brit Milazzo

Chef Beckenbaugh Accepted Into Penn State’s Pro Academy

Chef Tim Beckenbaugh isn’t your ordinary chef. He admits it himself.

The longtime Culinary Arts instructor at Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology has a biology and chemistry food background, and worked at Weis Markets for 12 years as a flavor guru before making the commitment to teach at CPI. His claim to fame while at Weis? He developed the Wonder Chicken – a fresh rotisserie chicken rubbed with seasonings.

Now he has a goal to make the Culinary Arts program at CPI the best it can be. That, Beckenbaugh said, comes with making sure students learn more than just how to cook. It also comes with his own professional development.

Beckenbaugh was accepted into Penn State’s Career Technical Education Professional Academy through the university’s College of Education. He was nominated by CPI President Richard Makin and Vice President of Secondary Education MaryAnn Volders, and is among 15 technical educators to participate in the yearlong program.

The goal of this year’s academy is “mentoring.” Participants will be on teams to share best practices for mentoring. All team ideas will then be combined and tweaked for improvement.

“That’s mentoring our students, mentoring our faculty members, mentoring professional relationships – the whole thing is to be better at mentoring,” Beckenbaugh said. “I’ve only ever been mentored; I’ve never really been a mentor so this is new for me.”

Another goal is to help limit the turnover rate of technical educators at CTE institutes.

“We’re not so bad here (at CPI), but one of the ideas is that technical education has a lot of turnover,” Beckenbaugh said. “From a Penn State perspective, they want to help keep those people and help with mentorships that could help that.”

Mentoring, he added, has the ability to forge relationships that help individuals feel comfortable in CTE environments.

“Whether it be a student or faculty member, it’s important to build that relationship and help share things that can help them,” Beckenbaugh said.

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