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Date: December 14, 2017
Contact: Brit Milazzo

Culinary Arts Students to Help with Annual Senior Dinner

A senior citizens’ dinner is annually held at Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology, and students from the Culinary Arts program are on hand to help get things set up. It’s all part of the program’s mission to give back, instructor Chef Tim Beckenbaugh said.

“(They) help the Rotary Club with the dinner – there’s usually 240 to 280 seniors,” he said. “Students help cook, and local Boy and Girl scouts help serve dinner.”

Dec. 14’s menu includes turkey and ham with all the holiday fixings.

“It’s all about Christmas!” Beckenbaugh said.

Second-year culinary student Emily Hagenbuch said some of the food was purchased earlier in the week, but students will begin to prepare the meal the day of the dinner.

“We will prepare the meal, and then help them out and show them how to work an oven and polish the silverware, and help set up the cafetorium,” Hagenbuch said. “Because it’s their dinner, they’re a big part of the process, but we like to help. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also nice for them to see us helping. ... We just love being a part of these events.”

She stressed the importance of being a part of a program that helps teach students skills, but also helps give back to the community. And Beckenbaugh said that’s exactly his goal.

“I’m a chef and I want to have my program be (the best), and here we are learning and doing all these crazy things, but a part of it is also doing charity work,” Beckenbaugh said. “I try to instill that on the students. If there’s one thing they leave with, I say, ‘You can have all the money in the world and you can give that money away, and that’s a great thing, but when you show up to volunteer and you’re using your skills, that’s good stuff,’ and so we try as often as we can to do those things.”

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