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Date: December 5, 2017
Contact: Brit Milazzo

CPI Receives Safe School Grant

A priority at CPI is relationship-building with students. So when the institute was approved for a Safe School grant, Vice President of Secondary Education MaryAnn Volders said it was the perfect opportunity to enhance programs using the school’s student resource officer.

CPI will receive $60,000 this year, and get a guaranteed $30,000 next year through the grant, which helps fund training, programs and compensation for school resource officers. CPI has been eligible four times for the two-year, $90,000 grant.

“We want our students to build positive relationships with our local law enforcement and feel comfortable using them as a resource,” Volders said. “It’s really important to have a school resource officer (who) helps with school safety and relationship-building.”

According to Volders, the institute was eligible for the grant and student resource officer based on a combination of school and community statistics.

The main SRO at CPI is Spring Township police officer Shane Dickey, while all Spring Township police officers assist. Dickey monitors the building; interacts with students, faculty and staff; spearheads safety programs; maintains school safety; and helps make sure the school safety plan is updated.

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