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Manufacturing/QC Inspector Technicians

Job Summary: The Manufacturing/QC Inspector Technician is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction through their thorough examination of SilcoTek® treated customer supplied parts prior to shipment. This position requires a high level of detail, acute observation skills and analytical thinking. They are also responsible for understanding and being able to assist in other areas of the production process. Qualifications Education/Experience: High School Diploma or equivalent. Previous QC or inspection experience preferred. Experience working in a machine shop or manufacturing environment is a plus. Microsoft Word and Excel skills required.

Company: Silcotek
Date: May 09, 2018
Categories: Manufacturing and Service Occupations Cluster, Construction Occupations Cluster,
Schedule Time : Full-Time
Benefits: YES
Pay/Salary: $15 - $20/hour
Available to: Post-Secondary Student/Alumni (adult), Secondary Student/Alumni (high school)

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