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Attending CPI is the first step — a BIG step — in the development of a long-term, rewarding career. We believe in teaching the skills that will be needed for jobs that are currently in demand. Our students are ready to continue on to college, technical school or enter their career field immediately after graduation.

By offering a wide range of study areas, CPI is sure to have a program that's right for you, and unlike at other institutions, successful completion of your CPI education means you have earned the certification(s) you need to embark on a rewarding profession. By working with your guidance counselors, you will be able to take the necessary courses that will prepare you for college. You can attend CPI for a semester, one-year, two-years, or three-years; CPI even offers a ninth grade program.

And tell your parents that our highly qualified, experienced instructors, and practical classroom and hands-on instruction assure that, when you graduate, you will be prepared for further education and training or to enter the workforce.

high school programs

If you are a student at the Bald Eagle, Bellefonte, or Penns Valley school district, you can choose to enroll in any of the following CPI programs:

So what are you waiting for? Contact us or your school's guidance counselor today to learn more about the benefits of a CPI education... a step in the right direction!


For parents...

As a parent, you're as invested in your child's education as we are. A good education is the foundation for career success. A diploma from CPI is an excellent first step toward higher education, a better career, greater career satisfaction, and long-term professional achievement.

By attending CPI, your child will receive academic and practical hands-on instruction from certified, experienced teachers in subject areas that are directly related to local workforce needs. And upon graduation, your child will have the education, skills, and certification(s) needed to obtain immediate employment or pursue post-secondary education opportunities. Students can attend CPI and prepare for college, it is truly the best of both worlds.

Whether you're a parent of a current student or are considering sending your child to CPI, we want you to be involved.


Concerned About Your Future? Consider the Facts!

  • Because of open admissions, getting into college is relatively easy, whereas graduation is not. Only about half who matriculate ever graduate in 6 years.
  • In the decade ahead, the number of 4-year college graduates will far exceed job opportunities.
  • Technical workers are the fastest-growing and economically most promising segments of the labor force.
  • The largest number and fastest growing group of jobs among technical workers can be trained for at the 2-year associate level.
Source: Getting Real: Helping Teens Find Their Future, Kenneth Gray, 2000.

The Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology (CPI) is designed to be an extension of the existing programs of the high school curricula. Technical programs of study are intended to lead to successful placement in employment and/or access to further higher education opportunities. The environments in which the students are trained are similar to the environments in which they must eventually work. Instruction is given on actual job situations, thus setting standards of performance for students in keeping with the requirements of business, labor, and industry.

  • Students can prepare for college admission while attending CPI.
  • Students may enter CPI programs at any time during their 10th, 11th, or 12th grade year. (Mid-term enrollments are accepted and are evaluated on an individual basis.)

CPI Selection Process

CPI course offerings are contingent upon minimum enrollment requirements set by the Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology and therefore are subject to change. The selection process begins with interested 9th grade students who indicate first, second, and third choices of a technical, trade-related shop in the spring of their freshman year. Second and third choices are necessary because of the limited number of spaces in each shop. Juniors and seniors in good standing may also attend if vacancies exist.

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