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When employers participate in CPIís Cooperative Education program they are making an investment in the future. Your participation ensures that a new generation of workers will have the skills necessary to become successful employees. It is with your participation that our mission to prepare students for success after CPI can be realized.

What We Need from the Employer

  • Good working conditions
  • Workerís Compensation Insurance coverage
  • Follow Child Labor Laws for students under 18
  • Safety training
  • Fair wages
  • Tactful discipline
  • Loyal supervision
  • Assistance in the studentís occupational and career interests

What the Employer Can Expect from the Student Trainee

  1. An honest dayís work
  2. A minimum of absences
  3. Punctuality
  4. Loyalty, pride of employment
  5. Willingness to prepare for job ahead
  6. A sense of job responsibility
  7. Integrity
  8. Initiative
  9. Enthusiasm
If your business is interested in learning more about CPIís Cooperative Education program please contact:

Krista Renzo, Cooperative Education Coordinator:
Phone: (814) 359-2793


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