Capstone Program

The Capstone program prepares seniors for the world-of-work in their trade. “Learn by doing” is the key to Capstone. A combination of classroom instruction and paid on-the-job training provides a realistic experience that is mutually beneficial for both the student and the employer. Students receive payment from the employers as well as school credit for the experience. This program helps link the school and the community to become cooperative and united to meet one common goal…the education of our students.

Selection of Students

In order to be considered for enrollment in the Capstone Program at CPI the following criteria must be met:

  1. Be a senior- The student must be 16 years of age or older and must meet all requirements and regulations set forth by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Pennsylvania Department of Labor pertaining to the employment of minors. Students under the age of 18 years are required to obtain and Employment Certificate. This is done at the sending school.
  2. The student must be recommended by his/her CPI instructor for placement. Under no conditions will a student be placed on Co-op without the instructor’s recommendation.
  3. A student recommended for Capstone placement must possess a positive attitude. For this assessment we look to the instructor’s recommendation. Remember this student is not only representing CPI, he/she will also be representing the instructor.
  4. Students must have a “B” average in CPI’s trade program.
  5. Students must have and maintain passing grades in all home school subject areas. Students who fail to maintain passing grades while on Capstone will be dropped from the program.
  6. The student must maintain an attendance level of 90% or better (excluding medically excused absences) in both the present marking period and the marking period prior to applying for Capstone placement.
  7. Students must have a limited number of discipline referrals. Discipline issues either in school or at the Capstone placement are grounds for removal from the program.
  8. The student must indicate an interest in pursuing the occupation as a career and intend to remain in school until graduation. Capstone positions are for students who have a real interest in pursuing their career goals, not just to make money and get out of school.
  9. Students can only be placed in occupations that directly relate to their program of study.
  10. The student must possess the qualifications set forth by the employer.
  11. The student must have achieved the quantity and quality of competencies necessary for job success.

**If the instructor believes that a particular student is worthy of a Capstone opportunity but fails to meet all of the above criteria, he/she can submit a written request to the attention of the Co-op Coordinator. That request will be reviewed with CPI’s Director. All factors will be considered so that CPI can make the most appropriate placement for that student.

**Participation in CPI’s Capstone program is an earned privilege and may not be suitable for every student.***


Expectations of Capstone Students

  • Your education is your first obligation
  • Be honest
  • Respect and listen to authority
  • Possess a positive attitude
  • Represent yourself, parents and school in a positive way
  • Show consideration to your co-workers
  • Take care of your employer’s tools and equipment
  • Maintain a neat and clean appearance
  • Have good attendance and be on time
  • Give 110% effort in all you do
  • Take pride in your work



Student Capstone Obligations

  1. Academics come first! Students are responsible for all course work during their placement. Those who fail to fulfill this obligation will risk loosing their capstone position.
  2. Students must maintain a passing grade in all subjects or risk loosing their capstone position.
  3. Students must keep good attendance at both the worksite and at school. If attendance is a problem, the student will be removed from the program. (See Attendance Policy)
  4. Students are required to notify his/her employer and CPI’s Attendance Clerk at (814) 359-2793 immediately if unable to report for work due to illness and/or emergency.
  5. Students may not work at their capstone position on any day they were absent from either home school or were suspended/ expelled from home school or CPI.
  6. If school is delayed or cancelled for any reason, the student must report to work as usual unless other arrangements have been made with the employer.
  7. Any changes in the hours of work affects the student’s training plan and the school’s awareness of where the student is during the school day. The Co-op Coordinator must be consulted prior to any work schedule changes.
  8. Students are to immediately contact the Co-op Coordinator and report to school on any days that they do not work due to a lay off or inclement weather.
  9. If the position is terminated due to lay-off or firing, the student must notify the Co-op Coordinator immediately and return to CPI.
  10. If the student decides to terminate his relationship with the employer, the Co-op Coordinator must be notified before any action is taken.
  11. Students who loose their jobs during the school year due to inefficiency, lack of interest, not abiding by the rules and regulations, etc., will receive a co-op grade of 50% for the marking period.
  12. Capstone students are required to report to CPI on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 12:30 pm for co-op meetings. Failure to do so will affect their grade as well as their Capstone placement.
  13. Co-op Meetings are important. Students must contact the Co-op Coordinator in the event that they will be unable to attend a meeting. That student must meet with the Co-op Coordinator before the next co-op meeting for a make-up session. It is the student’s responsibility to make these arrangements with the Co-op Coordinator. Failure to do so will lead to termination from the program.
  14. Poor behavior at a co-op meeting will not be tolerated. In the event that a student is exhibiting poor behavior, the student with be warned and the parents will be informed.
    • First Offense: Verbal warning- phone call to parents
    • Second Offense: Removed from meeting- phone call to parents and a letter informing student and parents that the next offense will lead to removal from the Co-op program.
    • Third Offense: Permanent removal from Co-op program.
  15. All students are responsible for completing a “Daily Log” and a “Monthly Wage Calendar” and turning them into the Co-op Coordinator upon request.
  16. Students must follow all school district discipline guidelines. Violations could lead to job termination
  17. It is the student’s responsibility to follow “Safety Rules” even if they are not enforced on the job.
  18. If injured on the job, the student must inform his/her employer and the Co-op Coordinator as soon as possible. (See Safety Rules)
  19. Students are required to purchase any tools or clothing necessary for their Capstone placement.
  20. While on the job, a student is under the full supervision of the employer and is expected to follow all company policies and be a good representative of CPI to the business community.

Download Student Capstone Obligations


Termination from the Capstone Program

Termination from the Capstone Program is not limited to, but may result if:

  • Student is absent from a Co-op meeting and fails to contact Co-op Coordinator to schedule a make-up meeting
  • Student exhibits poor behavior at Co-op meetings
  • Student does not complete and turn in Capstone coursework
  • Student is frequently absent from work
  • Student is excessively late for work
  • Student receives unsatisfactory evaluations from the employer
  • Student is fired for just cause
  • Student voluntarily leaves his/her Capstone placement without consulting the Co-op Coordinator
  • Student violates the School District discipline policy
  • Student is failing any subject at his/her home school
  • Student fails to abide by CPI’s “Safety Rules” or the safety rules set forth by the employer

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