Career Services

Career Services

To students (past, present, and future)...

CPI offers a wide range of job placement services designed to help our graduates find rewarding employment upon graduation:

While some of the services take place while enrolled at CPI, many are available after graduation, regardless of graduation year. In addition to the above services, CPI also maintains a graduate database, enabling us to respond to inquiries from employers seeking qualified employees.

To employers...

CPI is proud of the quality of graduates we produce. We believe strongly in their skills and abilities, and we encourage you to contact us when seeking qualified employees.

To schedule an on-campus recruiting session, review our resume database, or to participate in our job fairs, please contact us.


On-campus Recruiting

CPI regularly participates in job fairs and other events to match employers with our graduates. As an employer - If you are interested in information on CPI graduate availability or qualifications, or are interested in participating in an upcoming recruiting event, please contact:

Post-Secondary and Adult Programs: , Director of Adult and Post-Secondary Education

Secondary Programs: , Cooperative Education Coordinator

Transportation / Truck Driver Position Openings - CDL Training Program: , CDL Instructor


Employers actively recruit from CPI training programs. If you are an employer and would like more information on the CPI Speaker/Recruiter series, contact Adult Education at (814) 359-2793.


Job Fairs

CPI hosts and participates in several job fairs throughout the academic year. Many of these events are program area specific (i.e. medical job fair, construction fair, transportation job fair, etc...); which aids in targeting opportunities for both the employer and the employee/graduate. CPI also partners with employment organizations (such as the Pennsylvania CareerLink) and trade organizations to help meet the demand for skilled employees.



Several CPI programs offer students the opportunity to participate in externship programs. When placed with an employer in an externship, the student will work directly with a staff member who will teach related skills and explain daily duties. In addition, the student will observe tasks that are important to the daily operation of the company; will acquire career awareness; and will learn employer expectations. Through externship programs, the school and community can unite in providing students vital work experience as well as providing employers the opportunity to observe CPI student skill sets prior to employment.


Mock Interviews

Mock interviews teach students to know themselves, the employer, and to articulate how they might match with a position of interest in their program area. CPI instructors and counselors review the interview process and strategies for a positive interview. Students then have the opportunity to practice the interview in class before the actual mock interview. Mock interviews are conducted by a career counselor or CPI instructor for approximately 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of feedback from the counselor/instructor. The feedback helps prepare students prior to a live interview with a prospective employer.


Resume Class

CPI students learn the "How-Tos" of writing a professional resume and cover letter. Students are also taught to prepare to meet an employer (after their resume has succeeded in garnering the student an interview).


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